Miro approaches transactions collaboratively, working hard to get the best long term result for issuers. This means working alongside a range of market participants and advising the issuer on the best market and structure to meet the issuer’s needs, not ours.

  • Working with larger firms
  • Trusted market player
  • Choosing the right structure

Working with
larger firms

Many smaller New Zealand companies find it difficult to attract attention of larger market participants, especially for IPOs; but without distribution from larger participants, IPOs often suffer in aftermarket through lack of on-going support:

  • Miro's strategy is to work with larger distribution businesses, providing ''front end" advisory, while bringing in brokers / co-managers to assist liquidity
  • Miro sees itself as complementary to other advisors working in NZ capital markets, not a competitor

Trusted market player

To work collaboratively with larger firms, Miro needs to be seen as an experienced and trusted market player

  • John Moore is well known to many market participants. In the last eight years, John led joint teams on transaction with each of Forsyth Barr, Macquarie, Goldman Sachs, UBS and First NZ
  • Under the Miro umbrella, John has co-operated on transactions with a range of the larger NZX Firms

Choosing the right structure

Miro prides itself on advising companies on what is best for them in the long term.  This requires being able to advise on a range of possible structures, for example: 

  • equities and hybrid structures
  • private capital raisings
  • crowd funding
  • IPOs

Latest successful transactions

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