Miro is capable of providing specialist advice in three major areas:

  • Raising equity capital
  • Special adviser to IPOs
  • M&A

Raising equity capital

Assisting NZ companies raise equity through:

  • Arranging private capital raisings to groups of professional, experienced and wealthy investors (both directly and through NZX broking and advisory firms) 
  • Advising companies on equity crowd-funding campaigns
  • Advising already-listed companies on undertaking capital raisings - both on-market and privately
  • Advising on placements of strategic stakes to specialist private equity firms
  • Advising companies on IPOs

Special adviser to IPOs

Assisting companies planning larger IPOs with one or more joint lead managers (JLMs) through acting as an independent advisor to the Board:

  • helping the company run its IPO process while executives focus on the company's business
  • advising the Board on the appointment of JLMs
  • working with the JLMs on the IPO process and reviewing advice provided


Assisting companies buying or selling businesses or being bought or sold in their entirety whether through:

  • trade sales 
  • private equity sales
  • parallel processes, in conjunction with a potential IPO 

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